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Hello everyone, and welcome to ManiacBall! The goal of this Angels website is to blend scouting and advanced stats to provide a thorough, thoughtful and objective look at Angels baseball.

On the menu, you will see a complete database of the entire Angels system, a 5-year draft analysis, the Twitter pages for each player, a chatroom that we plan on utilizing during games, an “about us” page and our 26-30 prospects. We are planning on releasing the rest of the prospects as follows:

#21-25 Sunday

#16-20 Monday

#11-15 Tuesday

#6-10 Wednesday

#4-5 Thursday

#2-3 Friday

#1 Saturday

These are just some of the features we plan on rolling out in the coming weeks.

Have any questions, suggestions or inquiries? Please let us know via our contact page. Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our website.

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