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Interesting Angels stats after 50 games

The Angels have a 28-22 record at the 50 game threshold, which means small sample sizes have grown to become valid sample sizes. Looking at overall statistics now may not paint the entire picture but it gives us a good idea of how good or bad players have been. Certain batters may have high batting lines due to a high BABIP(batting average on balls in play) while some pitchers may have low ERA’s due to a low BABIP or unsustainable home run rate. We’re a little under a third of the way through the regular season so lets take a look at some cool and fun Angels statistics through their 1st 50 games.

Player Stats

1: Garrett Richards has the lowest HR/9 rate of any starting pitcher in baseball. His 0.14 HR/9 rate is 0.13 better than he next best guy, Mark Buehrle.

Ernesto Frieri also owns the highest HR/9 rate of any reliever in baseball. His 2.53 HR/9 rate is unsustainable and has been coming down drastically lately. Frieri’s 2.81 xFIP is a good indicator that Frieri is turning it around.

3: Mike Trout’s rank in WAR in baseball, which is surprisingly low for the best player in baseball. His 3.1 WAR ranks behind Giancarlo Stanton and Troy Tulowitzki, who has a ridiculous 4.3 WAR.

4: Howie Kendrick ranks 4th in WAR among MLB second basemen behind Chase Utley, Ian Kinsler and Brian Dozier. Thanks to Howie’s improved walk rate of 9.5%, which is more than double his career rate, he is on pace to put up possibly his best offensive season yet.

4 is also Michael Kohn’s rank among MLB relievers in batting average against. Kohn has a .135 batting average against, which is really hiding his atrocious walk rate of 6.85 BB/9. This is what many scouts would call “effectively wild”.

5: Erick Aybar’s rank in WAR among MLB shortstops. While Aybar has a below average 96 wRC+, his defense has been among the best of any player in baseball.

6: Albert Pujols’ rank in home runs in MLB. His 14 home runs is tied with Troy Tulowitzki and ranks behind Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Abreu, Giancarlo Stanton and the MLB leader Nelson Cruz.

6 is also the rank of Chris Iannetta’s WAR among MLB catchers. His 1.3 WAR ranks behind Yan Gomes, Devin Mesoraco, Derek Norris, Yadier Molina and Jonathan Lucroy.

7: Garrett Richards’ rank in FIP(Field Independent Pitching) among MLB starters. His 2.51 FIP ranks behind Hyun-Jin Ryu, Yu Darvish, Aaron Harang, Felix Hernandez, Adam Wainwright and Corey Kluber.

12: Kevin Jepsen’s rank in K% among MLB relievers. Jepsen receives a lot of flack from Angels fans but his 3.68 FIP and 3.18 xFIP are respectable for a low leverage reliever.

12 is also Ernesto Frieri’s rank in K-BB%, a new statistic used at Fangraphs. Ernesto has a 27.4 K-BB%, which is better than guys like Kenley Jansen and Francisco Rodriguez.

13: Hank Conger’s rank among catchers in WAR, even with meager 78 plate appearances.

22: C.J. Wilson ranks 22nd in K% among MLB starters with his 23.2 K%.

23: Jered Weaver’s 2.85 ERA ranks 23rd among MLB starters. While Weaver’s FIP and xFIP are in the 4’s, Weaver has had a past history of outperforming his peripherals.

27: Mike Trout’s rank in K%, which has dropped to 26% in the past few days. This also happens to Mike Trout’s number, which is pretty cool too.

28: Another Mike Trout stat. His 12.1 BB% ranks 28th in all of baseball.

29: Collin Cowgill’s rank in WAR among MLB outfielders. Considering the expectations Cowgill had, this is a pretty good spot for him to be at.

41: Mike Trout’s rank in stolen bases. Trout has only stolen 5 bases after stealing 49 in 2012 and 33 in 2013.

Team Stats

1: The Angels rank 1st in WAR among position players with 12.6 WAR, which is 1.7 WAR higher than the Rockies who rank 2nd with 10.9 WAR.

Baserunning has been a strong point once again for the Angels. Their 7.4 BsR(Baserunning Runs) is far and away the best in baseball. The Yankees rank 2nd with a 3.3 mark.

The Angels defense has the highest UZR in baseball at 26.7. Last year, the Angels finished 19th in UZR so this is a massive improvement.

2: The Angels pitching has been incredibly hard to hit this season. Their .223 average against ranks 2nd best in baseball only behind the Athletics’ .217 average against.

3: The Angels are the 3rd best offensive team when you account for their league and home ballpark. Their 110 wRC+ ranks only behind the Blue Jays at 115 wRC+ and Athletics at 112 wRC+.

The Angels offense also has the 3rd highest ISO and SLG% in baseball. That figure could go up with Josh Hamilton returning soon.

Angels starting pitchers have the 3rd most innings pitched this year. For a staff with young starters like Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs, this is an encouraging sign.

4: One negative aspect about the team has been the control of the Angels pitching. Their 9.1 BB% is tied for 3rd worst in baseball.

5: The Angels rank 5th defensively this year when looking at the Fangraphs leader board. They have a 22.4 DEF, which is behind the Cardinals, Rockies, Braves and Reds.

Angels pitching has been good at limiting baserunners this year. Their 1.21 WHIP is 5th best in baseball.

6: Angels pitchers are generating plenty of strikeouts. They rank 6th in baseball with a 21.9 K%.

7: Angels pitchers have been stingy against the home run ball. Their 0.81 HR/9 rate is 7th best in baseball.

8: The Angels offense has the 8th highest BB% in baseball at 8.6%.

11: The Angel’s team ERA of 3.59 ranks 11th best in all of baseball and is a huge improvement from their 4.20 mark last year.

The Angels pitchers also boast a 3.65 FIP, so there is no fluke about the improved Angels pitching this year.

12: The Angels offense boasts the 12th lowest strikeout rate at 20%.

The Angels pitching has seen a drastic improvement this season as they rank 12th in pitcher’s WAR with 5.4.

19: The Angels 3.84 xFIP is 19th best in baseball. With guys who are good at preventing home runs like Garrett Richards and C.J. Wilson, this stat may be a little harsh on the Angels pitchers.



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