Benzema Will Not Leave Madrid

Karim Benzema has no intention of leaving Real Madrid. However, Benzema indicated that he could just leave if not again become a core player Marid.

The French striker is still under contract until 2019, but since last season his future has been crowded because it is considered less productive. In 2016-17, Benzema ‘only’ pack 19 goals, fewer than reserve player Alvaro Morata who recorded 20 goals.

Madridista also contrived confused with the sale of Morata to Chelsea. Meanwhile, criticism is still directed at Benzema because it has not found sharpness at the start of this season because it only makes one goal in six appearances.

According to rumors that developed, Madrid had considered to sell Benzema in order to attract young French star Kylian Mbappe. But still Zidane still believe in Benzema.

“This is the best club in the world, a happiness for me and I’m very proud,” Benzema told BeIn Sports France. “Expectations are always high and you start each season from scratch and you have to work to reach the maximum level.”

“If you’re a regular player here, I do not have to go anywhere else,” he continued.

Benzema is currently recovering a hamstring injury that forced him to miss until next month. However, Benzema is one of the players who helped El Real achieve great success in recent years.

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“I think we are in one of the best periods in the club’s history, the team is very tough, not just the core players, but the substitutes can make a difference,” Benzema added.

Benzema is rumored on the verge of a new contract in Madrid. Also mentioned, in the deal included the value of the Benzema release clause that reached 900 million pounds sterling.